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Virtual Consultations

I’m an expert at problem solving wheels that feel “bumpy” when you push out, noisy push thru bars, rattling shoulder rests, and loose bolts that won’t stay put no matter what you do! Click here to book a virtual session with me and I'll walk you through how to specifically address the problem. 

On-Site Service

I have limited availability for on-site service. If you'd like to schedule a maintenance visit, shoot me an email over on my contact page. An on-site visit can include tutorials and training, installations and repairs, or full-service safety-checks and tune-ups.

Easy Online Tutorials

Curious about what you should be doing with your equipment? Check out my myriad of free and paid online resources. These include YouTube videos, a blog, online courses, and guides for buying and selling used Pilates equipment.

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Popular Blog Posts

Tips for Buying Used Pilates Equipment

Buying used Pilates equipment can be a wonderfully economical and sustainable way to start or grow your studio. In this post I give you three tips for finding and buying used Pilates equipment so you have the best chance of snagging a deal on an apparatus that will make you happy for years to come.


How to Know When to Replace Your Springs

Since the springs on your Pilates equipment are integral to the method you teach your clients, it is absolutely necessary to make sure they are safe. But how, exactly, do you determine whether a spring is safe? Here is a simple three step guide to keeping you and your clients safe in the studio.

Happy Clients

“I’m so happy she came to the studio today, all my equipment feels like new!!!” -Beatriz Sanchez (Core Pilates Studio)

“Kaleen Canevari knows her stuff. She has helped me several times with my different reformers and now has excellent videos to follow. She’s an engineer who knows how to put instructions in easy to follow language. If you need help with any of your Pilates equipment, she’s your go-to technician! I recommend her highly!” -Debbi Hexter Lavinsky (Phoenix Pilates and Rossiter Center)

“Made a new Pilates friend today and got my equipment tuned up as well! Kaleen is professional, thorough and chock full of great information! Thanks for taking such good care of my equipment!” -Jo Ann Graser (Tensile Strength Studio)

“Kaleen provides a solid foundation of Pilates apparatus care. Whether it relates to an upgrade, repair, or a retrofit, Kaleen’s videos and blog posts, are practical, useful, and empowering. Her personalized guidance is invaluable – especially when I encounter the “one off” situations. Although we live in different cities, the distance is not a barrier. Her vast Pilates and engineering knowledge, professionalism, and timeliness – combined with today’s technology, have enabled me to take full ownership over my Pilates apparatus. I highly recommend Kaleen and the Fit Reformer.” -Johanna Chong  

“Kaleen was integral to setting up my studio’s new location. Her expertise and knowledge of the equipment provided me comfort in knowing that my equipment retro-fits would be done accurately and correctly. She assembled my equipment and made the whole process smooth and simple. When it’s time to open your studio, call Kaleen!” -Nancy Tenoglio (Park West Pilates)

“Kaleen is awesome! I needed help replacing some defective parts on my reformers and eliminating an ever-present noise on one of my reformers. She was able to diagnose the source of the annoying squeak and coordinate with Stott to get the correct parts sent out to me. What a great weight off my shoulders knowing that I have someone in my corner that can get things done quickly and thoroughly and is a pleasure to work with.” -Robin Monette (The Pilates Reserve)

FREE Guide to Cleaning Pilates Equipment

Say goodbye to black marks on rails, smudges on wood frames, and hair in the headrest with these simple steps. 

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