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Buying equipment is the biggest investment you'll make in your Pilates business

Don't pay for something you'll never use again or waste hours browsing a website trying to figure out which Reformer footbar you need or if something will even fit into your studio. 

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Buying a piece of Pilates equipment can feel like an expensive game of telephone. 

You love what one machine looks like, but then heard from your friend who has it that it’s been a nightmare. Meanwhile, the marketing rep for the company is saying exactly the opposite. 

Or maybe you find yourself drawn to one reformer model, but you’re not actually sure if it’s what you need, and you find yourself wondering if you’ll be able to set it up by yourself, if it’ll fit your clients, or if it’ll even fit through the door.  

As someone who has traveled the country working on equipment and assisted Pilates industry leaders and companies such as Balanced Body in designing equipment, I’ve seen it all.  

Sometimes teachers get lucky, but for every fairytale ending there’s a horror story of an unhappy studio owner who is stuck with the wrong Pilates equipment that just doesn't fit their business. Rather than putting their energy where it should belong (on their clients!) they are stuck in an endless battle with their equipment fighting bumpy carriage rides, stubborn reformer footbars, and ropes that refuse to stay even. And it’s not their fault. It’s amazing that we have so many choices for equipment now. However, all of these options can become an information overload, and unless you’ve been on the ground floor designing and maintaining this stuff, how would you know how it all works or what the best option is? You probably don’t, but I do! As an engineer and Pilates teacher, I’ve made a career out of understanding the nuances of Pilates equipment, who it’s for, and how to best use it. Let me help you navigate this big purchase to make sure you don't buy something you'll regret.

I can help you pick the right Pilates equipment for your space


$150 now could save you tens of thousands of dollars in regret later.


Get my tips on the specific Balanced Body equipment model you are going to purchase to avoid unpleasant surprises. 


Your needs are different than your neighbors. Get the equipment that best fits your business goals and teaching style.

How it works

Buying equipment doesn’t have to feel like a bad tinder date. I’ll be your Pilates equipment matchmaker. I want you to L-O-V-E your new equipment.  

Step 1 Fill out the questionnaire to tell me about yourself and your studio plans 

Step 2 Schedule an appointment with me to talk on the phone 

Step 3 SDiscuss a few equipment makes and models that would fit your needs 

Step 4 Take home quick and to-the-point reference sheets for the equipment you are considering 

Step 5 Buy your new equipment!  

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