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Write a Compelling Ad

Instructions on how to write the most attractive ad. Plus examples!

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Learn the blueprint for determining the best price for any brand of equipment.

Where to Post 

Where to post your ad to find the most educated buyers willing to pay your price.


“Both the buying and selling guide are extremely thorough and informative and will take a lot of the stress out of buying or selling used equipment." -Cindy K.

"These are great guides that will really help both buyers and sellers." -Johanna C.

"Easy to understand and very in depth." -Rachel M.

"VERY well written!" -Elizabeth H.

"What a terrific resource for the Pilates community!" -Martha G.

Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Kaleen.  

I’m a Pilates teacher and engineer who solves Pilates equipment headaches.  

Before I was a Pilates instructor, I was a mechanical engineer. After completing my teacher training, I merged my two passions.

Initially, I helped design equipment for Balanced Body where I bridged the gap between the technical manufacturing-speak and the equally-complicated Pilates world language and ideals.  

Then I noticed a bigger problem. While Pilates teachers had access to beautiful equipment, most of them were lost on how to take care of it.  

It wasn’t their fault! After all, this wasn’t something that was taught in teacher training.  

My goal with this short webinar is to help you confidently sell your well-loved Pilates equipment for the highest possible price. I hope you can benefit from my experience.

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