Online Courses

Become a Technician

Get on the waitlist! Become your local Pilates community go-to expert in all things Pilates equipment.

Equipment Essentials

Lauching soon! The quick-and-easy introduction to Pilates equipment maintenance. 


The in-depth, avanced-level class for those who want to learn about their specific Balanced Body equipment.

Buying Used Equipment 

Not sure where to start? This short PDF and audio guide teach you where to look for used equipment and what is a fair price, so you can shop with confidence!

Selling Used Equipment

Have equipment you need to offload? Learn how to get the most money for your pre-loved Pilates equipment in this short PDF and audio guide.

Personalized Help

New Equipment Purchase Consult

Do your eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen for hours on end trying to figure out the right Pilates equipment to buy? Let me help you.

Virtual Appointment

Have a problem that you can't quite figure out? We can meet virtually and I'll walk you through how to troubleshoot, replace, install, or otherwise fix your equipment.

On-Site Service

I have limitd availability for on-site service calls. Inquire today to see if and when I'll be in your area.

My Promise

I promise to help you get the most out of your Pilates equipment regardless of how or what you teach. My goal is to keep you, your employees, and your clients safe, happy, and distraction-free.

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